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I think what’s depressing the most is going to school with people who you can see growing up and being the people who will serve only the purpose of corrupting other people, only because of the life you currently see them living is falsely misguided.

And like what blows my mind is that I heard about Destiny when I was a freshman playing Halo Reach. Reach and Halo 3 are better than this game and it’s 2014 and those two games came out in 2008 and 2011. Tell me why I shouldn’t go up in there blazing for this disrespect.

The amount of action is like similar to a child with ADHD who just scarfed down a bag of sugar. Shit’s blowing up in your face 24/7 and you can’t manage to see what you’re doing or know where to go.

It’s seriously so depressing to see that even with 4 years of time, they give you one of the shittiest creations in the history of their existence.

(Sorry for my nerd rant)

Destiny for Xbox is probably one of the most pathetic video games I’ve ever played in my life, the fact that it even was released to public in complete seriousness stumps me beyond belief.

I’m not even sure if it’s instinct or an unconscious decision to just keep looking for a girl that’s not so life ignorant.

Parents will never understand that money doesn’t buy happiness, you can buy your kid everything he or she wants but you’re only decreasing their value of things.